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German Braille alphabet

German Grade 1 Braille alphabet (aka Deutsch blindenbasisschrift)

deutschen blindenbasisschrift

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Das System der deutschen Blindenschrift.

Additional characters: ß: ⠮ or DOTS-2346, ä: ⠜ or DOTS-345, ö: ⠪ or DOTS-246, ü: ⠳ or DOTS-1256.

Numbers are the same as in the standard.

Capitals are the same as in the standard.

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German Grade 1 Braille alphabet with Contractions (aka Deutschen blindenvollschrift)

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[TODO] Contraction: a few characters are abbreviated (ss: ⠮ or DOTS-2346, st: ⠾ or DOTS-23456, eu: ⠣ or DOTS-126, au: ⠡ or DOTS-16, äu: ⠌ or DOTS-34, ch: ⠹ or DOTS-1456, sch: ⠱ or DOTS-156, ei: ⠥ or DOTS-136, ie: ⠬ or DOTS-346). These contractions may only be used when all the letters in them belong to the same syllable.

German Grade 2 Braille alphabet (aka Deutschen blindenkurzschrift)

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A short introduction in english : Elements of the German Braille Code.

More complete doc in German.