Portable Library for Braille Displays


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Libbraille is a computer shared library which makes it possible to easily develop for Braille displays. It provides a simple API to write text on the display, directly draw dots, or get the value of keys pressed on the Braille keyboard.

This web site also provides a free online Braille translation tool based on Libbraille as well as some detailed documentation about international Braille alphabets.

Libbraille supports a wide range of Braille displays with a serial or USB connection and can autodetect most of them. The terminals of the following manufacturers are supported: Alva, Baum, Blazie Engineering, EuroBraille, HandyTech, Hermes, ONCE, Papenmeier, Pulse Data, TechniBraille, Tieman...

It is Free Software and can be used from various languages like C, C++, Python, Java, PHP and JavaScript. Many projects are using this component for output on Braille display.

Libbraille is developed by Sébastien Sablé in his spare time.


Libbraille joins the Software Freedom Conservancy - 2007-02-01
The Software Freedom Conservancy is an organization composed of Free and Open Source Software projects. As a fiscal sponsor for FOSS projects, the Conservancy provides member projects with free financial and administrative services.
Libbraille 0.19.0 released - 2006-03-04
This version provides a new driver for Papenmeier USB Braille displays. The Alva and Baum drivers have been rewritten. Compatibility with Mac OS X has been improved a lot. It also features various bug fixes and minor improvements.
Migration to subversion - 2006-03-04
Thanks to Sourceforge which now provides subversion hosting, the libbraille repository has been migrated from CVS to subversion.
Experimental Unicode support - 2005-01-16
Some work has started on support of Unicode and International Braille in Libbraille. Before to include that in the library, I am doing some tests to check that everything works with an online Braille translator. Many languages are already supported including Arabic, Japanese or Vietnamese Braille. You are invited to test it and suggest new Braille tables or report any problem.
Libbraille mailing list - 2004-11-29
People who would like to know more about Libbraille or to dicuss its evolution are invited to join the mailing-list at
Libbraille 0.18.0 released - 2004-11-29
This version provides some RPM packages and a new Debian package including the virtual Gtk+ display. The windows installer now contains a precompiled Python module. Libbraille can be compiled with Mingw32. The HandyTech driver has been updated with autodetection. There are also many small bugs corrections.
Libbraille 0.17.0 released - 2004-11-08
This version adds support for the Technibraille braille display. It is now possible to set the level of verbosity of the library in debug mode and to provide different paths for additionnal drivers and tables. An SDK has been added to the windows installer. Many bugs have also been corrected including a refresh problem in the Gtk+ virtual display and a timeout problem in serial drivers.