If you are suffering from some visual disability, it might be difficult for you to vote during the electoral process. However, with time the government too realized that every individual must have the right to vote, and right to equality dictates that every citizen is equal and can decide their future leaders. Here are some examples of electoral aids for visually impaired citizens-

Braille Ballot Guides

A ballot box guide enables a visually impaired individual to vote through determining each voting box. A ballot can be pulled out or in by the voter because it is hinged. These boxes are arranged and labeled in braille for each candidate or party. In the years 2015 and 2017, from Mexico, the Electoral Commission of Mexico City offered blind citizens an opportunity to vote through this method.

Voter’s Signature

A guide is also used in several places to facilitate voter’s signatures by keeping their hand steady so that they can easily find a grip and with the help of someone else they can sign their vote. The box for sign becomes easy to identify for the visually impaired citizens. This format is used in Costa Rica.

The Tactile Ballot Guide

The Supreme Tribunal of Electoral Justice produced the Spanish and Braille instructions for visually impaired voters. It explains how to use, why to use, and the proper way to line up the templates to the poll workers and voters.

Magnifying Glass

The Supreme Tribunal for Electoral Justice of Paraguay since 2015 provides upon request a magnifying glass for visually impaired people. In Mexico also magnifying sheets are an option.

Pencil Grip

Paraguay also has pencil grip on special request which makes it easier for impaired people to vote properly on the ballot.


Mexico’s election commission provides an assistive stamp device which has an ‘x’ in the bottom that makes it easier to locate the point of the stamp and an elastic grip for easier holding.

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