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This tool is a free online translator from unicode text to Braille. It is possible to select the Braille alphabet for many languages.

Examples: Braille display (unified english) - شاشة براي (arabic) - Braillev redak (croatian) - Braillský řádek (czech) - punkt displays (danish) - terminal Braille (french computer) - Braille zeile (german) - display Braille (italian computer) - ブレールの (japanese) - monitor brajlowski (polish) - мониторы Брайля (russian) - línea Braille (spanish) - Màn hình chữ nổi (vietnamese) - 盲文 (chinese)

This tool was originally created to test libbraille and gnome-braille unicode Braille transcription features and international Braille alphabets. It is Free Software and Open Source.

It is possible to read the Braille alphabet we use for each language (arabic, bharati-devanagari, british, croatian, dutch, unified-english, french, german, italian, japanese, korean, polish, portuguese, quebecois, russian, spanish, swedish, vietnamese, ...).

We are looking for comments in order to correct possible mistakes in Braille transcription or to add additional translation tables for other languages. Do not hesitate to contact libbraille maintainer.